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Here it is–the king of steaks. The legendary tomahawk ribeye. Glorious in its presentation. Monstrous in its manifestation. A huge slab of well-marbled ribeye attached to a long bone–this is the steak your grill is calling for. This is our signature steak. Behold the Modoc Bison Tomahawk!

Tomahawk: 1.00-1:49

Tomahawk: 1.50-1.99

Tomahawk: 2.00-2:49

Tomahawk: 2.50-2:99

Tomahawk: 3.00-3.49

Tomahawk: 3.50-3.99

Tomahawk: 4.00-4.49

bison Ribeye

Our dry-aged bison ribeye steak is cut from the primal rib section of our bison. Well marbled and very tender, this steak packs a huge flavor. This tender, juicy, and flavorful cut is a steak lover’s favorite. Great on the grill.

Bison Bone-In Ribeye: .50-.99

Bison Bone-In Ribeye: 1.00-1.49

Bison Bone-In Ribeye: 1.50-1.99

Bison Bone-In Ribeye: 2.00-2.49

Bison Bone-In Ribeye: 2.50-2.99

bison Filet

Our bison filet mignon, also known as the tenderloin filet, is the most tender and flavorful cut of bison we offer. This cut is the most tender on the bison and provides a juicy, melt-in-your-mouth steak that can be cut with a butter knife. Buttery texture, subtle flavor, and compact shape make the bison filet mignon one of the most prized cuts on our Modoc bison.

Filet - 7oz

Filet - 8oz

Filet - 9oz

bison chuck roast

Our Modoc bison chuck roasts are well-marbled and bring an extremely rich bison flavor that shouldn’t be missed. Best prepared at low temperature with moist heat over a long period of time. When slow-cooked, this cut is tender and high on flavor. 

Chuck: 2.00-2.49

Chuck: 2.50-2.99

Chuck: 3.00-3.49

Arm Roast

Arm Roast: 2.00-2.49

Arm Roast: 3.00-3.49

Arm Roast: 3.50-3.99

Arm Roast: 4.00-4.49

Arm Roast: 4.50-4.99


Strip: 1-5 oz

Strip: 6-10 oz

Strip: 11-15 oz

tri tip Steak

Tri Tip: 1.50-1.99

Tri Tip: Other Sizes


Sirloin: 1.00-1.49

Sirloin: 1.50-1.99

Sirloin: 2.00-2.49

Sirloin: 2.50-2.99


Skirt: 1.50-1.99

Skirt: Other Sizes

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Modoc Bison sticker with cuts of meat. Chuck, Brisket, Short Rib, Sirloin, Round, Short Plate, and Flank.

meat handling

Bison meat is more lean and more dense than beef, so it takes less time and less heat to prepare. It should be cooked to reach an internal temperature between 145°F (rare) – 160°F (well done). Because it is so lean, bison meat will cook 1/3 times faster than beef. It’s a great substitute for all of your favorite beef recipes!

Bison vs. beef